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Sturbridge Lakes Force Main Replacement


Churchill Consulting Engineers was retained by Voorhees Township in Camden County to plan and design the Sturbridge Lakes Force Main Replacement.

The existing force main had experienced several failures in recent years and was at the end of its service life. Churchill was responsible for surveying the proposed 5,300 LF force main route, which included surveying of roadways and utilities (both above and below grade). Churchill was responsible for the preparation of construction plans and specifications for the new force main and related facilities. The replacement force main consisted of 2,500 LF of 8” HDPE pipe force main and 2,700 LF of 12” gravity sewer. Because the proposed force main route was through a residential neighborhood, the HDPE force main was installed by horizontal directional drilling which minimized the impacts to the residents, reduced the amount of restoration on existing roadways, and avoided conflicts with the many other utility service lines in the area. The proposed gravity sewer was located NJ Route 73 and required coordination with the NJDOT. Churchill prepared documents for obtaining NJDEP TWA approval, NJDOT road opening permit and soil conservation approval as well coordinating with the local electric utility.


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