Message From Our CEO


" Churchill Consulting Engineers has been providing our clients with exceptional services since 1976, or almost 45 years. I’ve served as the company’s President and CEO since 1996, during which time the firm has seen continued growth, both in terms of size and in the range of services we offer. A consulting firm is built not just on the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the individuals who provide these services, but also on the sense of teamwork they bring to the company’s programs and our clients’ projects.

This company is such a great place to work because our employees and the firm’s leadership are fully committed to four critically important fundamentals: quality, innovation, integrity, and environmental sensitivity. By maintaining our commitment to these critical fundamentals, we are able to sustain our high levels of employee and client satisfaction.

And by fully integrating innovative technologies into our programs, we are able to keep our projects on time and on budget, and maintain the level of quality we and our clients expect. That’s one of the key reasons that our clients keep coming back, project after project.

It gives us great satisfaction to work at such a consistently high level, at the cutting edge of technological advancements in the fields of civil and environmental engineering, land use planning, environmental permitting, surveying, and construction management. And our clients derive great benefit from our approach to consulting services. Whether you’re a prospective client or a prospective employee, please consider joining with us as part of the Churchill team. "

-Robert Churchill

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