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Inspection of 55 Atlantic County Bridges

Churchill was retained by the NJDOT to perform the NBIS Inspection of 55 State Bridges.

The inspection portion of the project consisted of the evaluation of the overall condition of the deck, superstructure and substructure and documentation of any deterioration found. Several of the structures required an in-depth and “hands-on” inspection of fracture critical members and fatigue sensitive details. Additionally, streambed soundings and probings were completed to check for scour and to determine the relationship of the channel bottom to footings. LRFR and Load Factor Rating Calculations were performed as required. Any measured section loss noted during the field inspection was incorporated into the rating calculations. A complete report was required for each structure including a summary of defects, recommendations for repair, cost estimates and sketches of soundings and defects. Federally mandated Structure, Inventory, and Appraisal sheets and COMBIS were updated in conformance with FHWA and NJDOT requirements. Evaluations concerning highway safety, deck geometry and hydraulic capacity of the structure were also required.

Reference: NJDOT, Fu-Chao (Vincent) Shu (609) 963-1298