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Camp Karney Dam Rehabilitation


Churchill Consulting Engineers was retained by Salem County to provide professional engineering services relating to the Camp Karney Dam.

In 2015, Churchill prepared a design to improve the main and auxiliary spillway, stabilize the embankments and stabilize the downstream embankments as well as other improvements to bring the dam into compliance with NJDEP regulations. Because of funding constraints, the permit expired and Churchill was required to evaluate the design for the dam completed in 2015, updated drawings as necessary to ensure the design was in compliance with current NJDEP regulations. An updated Engineer’s Estimate of Probable Construction Cost was also prepared. Churchill prepared/updated all Land Use Permits, including Soil Erosion and Sediment Control, Dam Safety, Freshwater Wetlands and other permits, as required to be in compliance with current NJDEP regulations.

Reference: Salem County Engineer’s Office, James McKelvie (856) 912-8265


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