Utility Engineering

Public utility companies must answer to both their stockholders and the regulatory commissions that approve their rate structures and rate increases. As a result, utility companies expect superior quality, and timely, efficient and budget-conscious services from their engineering consultants.

Churchill has been providing utility engineering services for decades. Our utility engineering clients include the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, county highway departments, public utility companies, municipal utility authorities, and municipal utility departments. Our utility engineering services include underground and aerial utility location, relocation, replacement, and service upgrades and extensions for electric, communications, fiber optic, water, sewer and gas systems.

We work on a regular basis with a number of New Jersey utility companies, including the engineering, distribution, transmission and new service departments of Atlantic City Electric, PSE&G, Verizon-NJ, Comcast, Penta Communications, AT&T, Verizon Business, SJ Gas, NJ Natural Gas, and many others.

Our survey division regularly prepares utility base maps, and when needed we provide subsurface underground engineering (SUE) exploration using GPR, magnetometry, test pits, vacuum test-hole excavation, and other techniques to assist in the location of existing utilities and the preparation of plans for utility relocations and construction of new utility services. Churchill provides structural inspections of antenna towers, signs, and bridges, and underwater inspection of bridges, piers and utility crossings. We also provide a complete range of planning and permitting services frequently required for utility projects, including wetlands delineation, T & E studies, LURP permitting, preparation of environmental impact statements, and Phase I environmental site assessments for property acquisitions.

We understand the demanding requirements of the public utility sector, and have developed the technical expertise and project management capabilities needed to meet those expectations.