Structural Design

Structural design is a discipline that forms the very heart of civil engineering, and it has been at the very heart of Churchill Engineer’s design practice since the company was founded more than 45 years ago. We provide structural designs for buildings, bridges, sign structures, telecommunication towers, culverts, piers, retaining walls, and underground structures. And our geotechnical and foundation design services are an integral part of our structural department; we provide foundation designs for the entire range of structure types we design.

Our structural engineers also provide inspection services for bridges, highway sign structures, culverts, piers, and telecommunication towers. Coupled with our in-house surveying and UAS (drone) capabilities, we can provide quick response to any structural design or inspection assignment.

Churchill’s structural engineers focus on ensuring that our designs are safe, stable and secure. But they’re also committed to providing designs that utilize state of the art materials and technologies. The result is economical design solutions with the maximum feasible useful lives. We offer extensive capabilities and experience in the following types of structural design projects:

Steel, concrete and timber bridge design

MSE, reinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls

Bridge and building foundations

Reinforced masonry wall systems

Reinforced concrete tanks and pumping stations

Marine structures



Bridge and culvert inspections

Underwater inspections

Telecommunication tower inspections